No Limits, do it and that’s it. Don’t wait for nothing. 

I’ve never been a story teller I’ve always talked so let me talk to you a story that has been happening from the day it started. First-things-first I’ve Never been exposed to nothing that I like or love I had to do things that other people thought I might like. I have never in one time been asked by no one what I like until 2016. So where did It all started, back in Number5 where I was born and grew up, in avery big rural area that is surounded by other small rural neighboring areas. So I attended school from preschool then went to Kokstad came back to Gladysking where I got hit by a guy named Oko with a very good smack and he ran away,they made me repeat grade one so they took me back to Number 5 and went in to grade 2 because I passed. A lot happened during this time. When I was in grade 2 I think I was the smallest but the smartest one always in position one in accademics some teachers wanted me to be their pets but I was on other things of my own, loved to play but it wasn’t easy to play in number 5 you had to play smart because there we’re bulies also, yhea! Even in rural there are bulies. So I used to play with the old ones, I had to overcome some things for me to play with them. I had 2 best buddies which am not going to mention their names we we’re in this together, so since I was the smart one I initiated smart ideas and they will initiate great plans because they we’re also smart on their level I call that Rural Intelligence. So in this little circle of ours we had to overcome things like Fear fear and fear of: phobias, bullying, failing, girls, snakes, cows, dogs, insects and people but that took us time. So bare in mind that am still in grade 2. There was an uncle that used to have a van and that van was kick started everyday so that he can make a turn and drop me off at school, so I used to be the kick starting driver for some few seconds and while the car is in a motion he’d come in and I’ll slide to the passanger seat and there it goes. I think the kickstarting kick started everything because now he’d ask some other boys to help some we’re from my school Mdumbi and some Egxaba which was and still high school. So I made friends like that because they saw this kid in a steering wheel just holding straight. I made two old friends one was a thief and one was a weed smoker won’t mention names. So all in all I had 4 friends in that year in grade two. Weeks went by with smooth plays and enjoying myself and new friends. One of the friends, his mother was friends with my mother. It was mid June in think or earlier chat remember that well, he’ll broke lose when there were this group of bulies ooooo they we’re the real deal if you didn’t bring them R1 at school youl hear threats of a lifetime and I never used to show that am scared I’d say okay and that’s it I’ll bring the one Rand not knowing that my friends had or didn’t have I’ll assume that they did but when school is out they we’re the first to go hiding in the long grass I’ll also fall into that hiding without asking Why? Till one day things got serious this one fucken guy says I must bring 3 Rand’s for my other friends I said I can’t and I explained that my lunch money is 2Rand fifty this guy said he’ll take the two Rand and I’ll be left with 50c I said I can’t little did I know out of no where this guy gave me a huge clap I embraced the clap with no crying but a little smile, went to a teacher and reported he got five latches to the hand. He said “I’ll fuck you up after school”but he said it in Xhosa. I knew that it won’t stop now because after school he’d try but I’d run till he gets tired then walk behind him so that I’ll see when he’s coming I did that for three days got tired so I came up with a plan that when he passes by my house luckily it was and close to the road I’m going to throw something at him because I couldn’t tell my grand dad he’d say go fight until you win and with the body that I had that was a no-no for me. I threw a big old but hard bone at him and I got his ancle. I have a spirit to fight back that’s what I learned in number 5 and am still fighting today but this is a different fight now it’s not physical it’s spiritual, digital, mentall, financial, photographicall, musical and artisticall and all of those I the things that moves my soul to greater heights you’d never imagine a rural Man can get to. Next phase is coming. THIS IS THE BEGINNING. 


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