Thought of the day.

It has been a pleasure to finally finish the crazy week, it has been an all rounder if you a cricket player or know anything about cricket youl know what I mean. So just like every human being I’ll pour my thoughts into it. I THOUGHT that when you have a day to do things you thinking that there’s no way the day will end bad or good. You just know what you want to do without categorizing under the energies good or bad. It Comes as a surprise when things happen, either the way you thought about them or not. I got surprised when  I feel like am not letting anyone down including myself. And I feel like am not yet ready to let anything down or anyone. 

So to get into it deep like the sea. In this week I was thinking about what do I need to get for my label to be known globally before its even created, and I’ll just name a few things I was thinking about: 

  • If I have the label which I will have, who am I creating it for? 
  • What was the original idea before I came to decide I want to have or own my label? 
  • What’s the purpose of the brand 
  • Was it a desire or a hunch or just a thought! 
  • Who will appeal to the label? 
  • Who will need the product? 
  • How will the people get it? 
  • Who will I approach for channeling? 
  • What will be the cost locally and globally? 
  • Who will invest in what? 
  • How many partners do I need or do I need partners? 
  • Is it going to have a specific segment. 

So these we’re the thoughts for the week, hopefully I’ll get them all answered or someone will answer them for me and also for themselves because these we’re my thoughts for the week.  

Yours truly Maquemadikiza


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