First blog post

This is the greatest time to be alive. I Am so greatful that now I can call myself a Blogger , been wondering what is a blogger, didnt really come with an answer yet that will be clear enough.  So without being said I always wanted to share things with a lot of people around the globe didn’t know about blogging until one day I went to Google and asked how to be a blogger and it was just straight toward and easy the hard part was to decide what to blog about, that was easy too because you do what you love,  well in my case the things that I love and I’ll be blogging about are simple things that simplifies me as a person these are – photography,  music,  food, writing etc.

The most part that’s interesting is that when I wanted to start my blog I didn’t think of what it will look like or what’s going to be my first post. Since am a rural born guy from number 5 Lujizweni I must say that it dwells deep in my heart to say that this is the start of greatness.

From the famous words of the father of the nation “It always seems impossible until it’s done” Nelson Mandela.

Yours truly Maquemadikiza


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