Manly Mode.

Manly Mode.

Yves Saint Laurent mens blue jeans
7 955 ZAR –

Gucci mens zipper jacket
27 790 ZAR –

Nike mens shoes
1 940 ZAR –

Gap mens t shirt
280 ZAR –

Mens leather backpack
2 530 ZAR –

Block Headwear mens baseball hat
535 ZAR –


New and Exlusive T-shirts that belongs to me.

I’ve always heard them say “if you want something go and get it no matter how long it took or no matter how hard it is to get it, as long as you see it in your imagination that’s all”. $o I took a little journey to imagination land and this is what I came up with it ain’t that bad and you must bare in mind that this is just a start. # fashion blogger # menstyle#fashionista

Be a Man. Simple

Be a Man. Simple

Dsquared2 mens distressed jeans
6 410 ZAR –

Mens zipper jeans
520 ZAR –

Jack & Jones mens green jeans
395 ZAR –

Filling Pieces mens gray dress shoes
3 465 ZAR –

NIKE mens leather shoes
1 720 ZAR –

Allurez mens chronograph watch
10 040 ZAR –

Ted Baker mens leather strap watch
2 940 ZAR –

Comme des Garçons SHIRT mens white shirt
2 285 ZAR –

Topman mens crew neck t shirt
310 ZAR –